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Tips to Enable Mac Address settings on JioFi router.

JioFi wireless router can help to connect many wireless devices at one wifi range. Mac address enable can make more security to the device. So How to change the settings for enable mac address of jioFi device.? Lets check.

jiofi.local.html address is the default admin panel url of a jioFi device. Login the admin panel through type jiofi.local.html on browser address bar ( I recommend google chrome for this job ). After page loaded login with username and password. Then enable the MAC address. For this purpose go to Click on the setting in the menu , it shows on  right side of top of web page. Select the network tab in left side. Now you can enable the MAC address filter in that page.

Next step you need to select “Allow” option. it allow the MAC address filter mode. Click on Add button. Then add the MAC address you need to share  your Jiofi device Hi speed 4G Internet to your preferred user. Next Click on Apply tab. Finish. It helps to prevent un authorised use of  your JioFi device.

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