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Tips to check How many devices connected to JioFi router

How many devices live on your JioFi router

Does your JioFi routershow you a slight low speed? Then it is advisable to check how many devices are attached to the jioFi router at the same time. Because lots of wireless network devices pass through our range. Perhaps there is a chance to connect unknown wirless devices to our JioFi router. So we need to check how many  device is connected to our router. 

Let’s see how to find all devices connected to our jioFi router in a time. Follow the step below to know how to do it

  • Connect your jioFi router to smartphone or computer. Then login to JioFi login page Via typing or jiofi.local.html on your browser address bar.
  • After login page loaded Enter your Admin username and password ( Default is ‘administrator’ )
  • Now you can able to access admin panel of JioFi device
  • After that click on ‘Network’ Tab shown on the page
  • Scroll down and check the  LAN client list. You can see the Lan Client List then click on it. 
  • Now all the information about  Name, IP, Mac Address, Leased Time and Status of your JioFi router is shown on the page.

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