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jiofi local html page not opening fix

When using a wireless device, it is essential that we need to know with its technical functionality. Think about the situation when we are trying to connect JioFi device to internet, but not get connected at a time we need to do very important thing online or send a very urgent mail.We are very frustrated then. But there is nothing to worry about if you know a little technical side.

The JioFi is a wireless router. It connects many devices in one range to the Internet simultaneously. Obviously some issues are likely to be network-related. Here we are going to study what to do if http://jiofi.local.html not opening.

If you open browser and type http://jiofi-local-html but page is not loading this is a common issue. So what can we do?

What is the common reasons not accessing http://jiofi-local-html

There is lot of reasons mainly,

You have enter the wrong IP address. or miss spell jiofi.local.html or

You may not be connected to your JioFi device.

other reason is  Admin page is disabled.

How to Fix this problem

disconnect your computer from the JioFi wireless connection.  Reconnect it after some time.

Check your browser in offline mode

Other way  you need to reset the JioFi device.

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