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How to Change JioFi SSID configuration

What is  the importance of SSID

This is the time when many network limits will pass through us. So some times we do not understand which wireless network we are using. For example, when we turn on the wireless network adapter switch, many network names appear on the screen. Then we need to  have a personal network ID. The SSID is the technical term that we use for the network name for it .WPA2 is a standard for wireless security It helps you connect your computer to your wireless network. Its used for every Wi-Fi router/Modem settings.

Needless to say, jiofi is a wireless device. SSID is required when using it between different wi fi networks. How to change the SSID of the jiofi device

First we need to login JioFi admin panel. Because there is the settings for changing SSID.

  1. Switch on you JioFi device
  2. Connect it to the computer or smart device which used.
  3. open browser and type http://jiofi.local.html
  4. when reach the admin panel login using Username and Password
  5. you can find the ‘WiFi settings’ under the ‘Settings’ tab.
  6. Click on  the ‘WiFi settings’
  7. There we can see the SSID
  8. Change it which name you preferred for SSID

For Example: in this pic shows a jioFi devices SSID changed to name Virus1.

Jiofi SSID


Note: You can also able to change JioFi password from the same window.

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