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How make voice calls with your JioFi device

JioFi the most popular wireless router used many people for their broadband applications. Its give reliable and fast internet for your digital needs.

Do you need to make voice call through JioFi Device?

Everyone knows that jiofi is a wireless networking device. Many of its customers do not know how to make voice calls with jiofi. Let’s see how voice calls can be done when using a jio wireless router.

Of course this is possible. You can make phone calls using jiofi. For this you do not have to visit http://jiofi.local.html as you normally do. There must be another way instead.

You Just install the  Jio4Gvoice app in your phone. there is not need even a 4G smartphone. You can use other smartphone that only support 2G or 3G. After Jio4Gvoice application installed , it will ask for registration with your JioFi router. If you do it success, you can make voice calls through JioFi device.

If you dont have Jio4Gvoice App. Find it from play store or App store

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